Choosing Julz, for dance lessons for our first and father/daughter dances was one of the best decision we made when planning our wedding. She was able to teach us all to literally dance and made it so easy and fun in the process. Her approach was extremely well receptive and even though none of us knew how to dance, she made learning it easy to do to people who never danced before. We couldn’t have done it without Julz and I can’t believe we pulled off both of our dances!

Elina and Eddie

Julz is absolutely amazing, and not just as a dance instructor! Choreographing our wedding dance with her was one of the most exciting parts of our wedding planning process. Julz made it easy to schedule appointments, and once we were there, she made the hour so much fun that it became the perfect break from all the wedding planning stress. Julz took the time to create a mix of the song we danced to, and she gave us as many spins, dips, and twirls as we wanted. We absolutely loved our time spent with her, she is so sweet and so much fun. Julz also choreographed our mother-son dance, in a week! She spent so much time with us, we really appreciate all of her dedication and hard work, and you can really tell she loves what she does (which makes you love it too!)

Alina and Manuel

Finding a dance instructor who was willing to work around our schedule and create/teach us such a beautiful dance in a short amount of time was definitely not an easy task but then we found Julz and the impossible suddenly became very possible. Timing for us could not have been any worse but she made it work. She was scheduled to give birth after our second lesson and i was in a panic thinking how will we possibly do this our wedding is so soon. Putting our trust into her and believing her when she said it’s more than enough time and we will make it work was the best decision we ever made. She was back after no time dancing/teaching and it is unbelievable how dedicated and talented she is. She is an amazing dance instructor and person inside and out. She is extremely patient and has a great sense of humor. The lack of skill we had during our first dance lesson was transformed into something we did not expect and we were both very happy and excited about it by the time it was finished. Julz really made our experience the least stressful and most enjoyable one. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Thank you Julz for all your hard work and dedication!

Stella and Dennis

We highly recommend Julie as an instructor for couples looking to have their first dance choreographed. She is very talented, patient and most importantly makes the experience exciting! Thank you again for choreographing such a beautiful dance!

Marina and Aleksey

Having Julz choreograph our first dance was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day. She made our lessons incredibly fun and we looked forward to each of them. Julz brought our song to life with the beautiful and romantic dance. Most importantly, she was patient with us and knew exactly what to tell us/show us to get us to look good performing each move. The guests loved each lift and dip, and more importantly we were able to have a first dance that we will never forget.

Anetta and Steven

Between my husband and I, we walked in with 4 left feet hoping to learn our first dance. Well we definitely did the right thing by coming to Julz! Not only were we able to pull off the beautifully choreographed routine, but we truly enjoyed our time learning the dance. Julz is patient, has a great sense of humor, and made us feel super comfortable throughout the whole experience. Would definitely recommend to everyone!

Jein and Anton

Working with Julz is one of the best wedding planning decisions we made. She created a dance that worked with our (admittedly low) skill levels while also counseling us through our “that’s not how you hold me during a dip, dammit” spats. She was always enthusiastic, knowledgeable, encouraging and patient.
Best of all, the finished product did exactly what we wanted it to do: it got EVERYONE up on the dance floor. People were so hyped up from our slow to fast transition that they just flooded up there as soon as they got the chance. The dancing continued all night thanks in no small part to the energy Julz’s work was able to generate.

Alina and Mark

Julie is an amazing dance instructor!! She is patient, has a good sense of humor, and is able to make your dance truly magical!!! Julie thank you so much for all your hard work! People are still talking about how amazing our dance was!!!

Irina and Zachary

We took on a challenge for our first dance by choosing a song which required a Viennese Waltz. When Julz first started teaching us the routine we thought we would never be able to pull this off, but we were so wrong. Julz put her heart and soul into teaching us our dance and making sure we looked graceful doing it! She is an amazing and very patient and talented teacher as well as a great person and such a pleasure to work with! Thank you so much for making our first dance such a memorable part of our wedding celebration!!

Zhanna and Oleg

When we decided to have our first dance choreographed, we knew that we wanted Julz to be the one to do it. We heard nothing but fabulous things about her and she held up to her amazing reputation 🙂 She made us feel completely at ease throughout the whole process. She was very patient when it took time for us to learn some of the steps, given that neither of us had ever taken lessons before. Halfway through our regular slow dance, we transitioned into a backstreet boys song (courtesy of hubby lol) and everyone absolutely loved it! It was a great element of surprise and I’m glad she encouraged us to do it. We always had a great time during our weekly lessons and it’s one of the things we miss the most about our wedding planning! We both highly recommend Julz to anyone who is looking to have an amazing first dance that they’ll remember for a lifetime!! Thank you so much!

Anna and Dima

My husband and I knew we wanted to do a choreographed dance for our wedding and as soon as we met Julz we knew we had to let her work her magic. I was so nervous to see the finishing result because neither one of us ever took dance lessons before. As soon as we reached out to her, we felt confident that our dance would turn out amazing. We started off with an old slow song to set the mood and broke out into a fast song which all the guests LOVED. I cannot thank her enough for her patience and motivation. The dance turned out beautiful and we would recommend her to ANYONE. She went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you again for everything!

Love always, A & D

Marina and Misha

If you want an amazing first dance, Julie is your girl! From the very beginning, she made us both comfortable and choreographed a beautiful dance for us that fit both of our personalities. It was creative, fun and our guests got the unexpected. Julie was a pleasure to work with and made sure every little detail of the dance was perfected. Needless to say, our guests absolutely loved our dance and we continue to receive compliments. Choose Julie for your dance needs and you won’t be disappointed!

Larisa and Max

Julie is simply the best! She is not only a talented dancer, she is also patient, kind, and creative when it comes to working with her clients. We were nervous at first because we never took any dance lessons together, and my husband showed no interest in dancing at all! I finally got him to agree to come to lessons and he ended up loving it. Julie helped us pick a unique song and she matched it with a beautiful dance. Without any doubts we highly recommend Julie for your dancing needs!

Ty and Megan

The BEST decision we made for our wedding was dance lessons with Julz. From the first lesson, she had everything choreographed to our song and we started immediately rehearsing. She is such an amazing instructor. She made it really easy for Megan and I to learn the moves. She was able to accommodate lessons in our apartment which made scheduling a breeze. After our dance, our guests were amazed and to this day they continue to talk about it. If you are considering dance lessons for your wedding, Megan and I strongly recommend Julz. You will be so happy you did it.

Ellina and Alex

Julie rocks!!! She is a great dance instructor and a very cool person to be around. My wife and I were a bit concerned to say the least about our wedding dance. Once we met Julz…all the concerns were put to rest. She is hard working, dynamic, energized and goes above and beyond to customize a special routine for your special day! Our dance came out great just like she said it would. If you want to look great during your wedding dance, feel confident and shine on your special day…go see Julz!

Marleen and Steve

Julie is great at what she does. My husband and I only had a very short time to come up with a routine for our first dance and Julie was able to make it happen.
She is easy to work with and very creative. Highly recommend her if your looking for someone to help you do something other than sway back and forth.

Jen and Yury

Julz is the best! That is the absolute truth!
Yury and I were pretty terrified to learn a dance for the wedding, let alone perform in public, but once we met Julz and told her the song we chose, we could actually hear the gears in her amazing brain start turning. We didn’t want something super traditional or slow (We danced to Fly Me to the Moon by Sinatra), and Julz knew exactly what to do. She works with you, takes all of your ideas into consideration, but also pushes you because she knows what you are capable of, even when you aren’t sure of yourself. When she mentioned the word “lift”, I nearly fainted, but in the end it came together so well. She is knowledgeable, professional, makes it look easy, but most of all she makes it fun. Through all the stress of wedding planning, dancing became the highlight of our week. Because of the incredible Julz Tamarkina, our wedding guests were raving, saying it was the best wedding dance they had ever seen.


Deb and Tala

Our experience with Julz was absolutely wonderful. She is patient, kind, talented, and warm. I (Tala) am a professionally trained dancer, but Deb was more nervous about our first dance than any other part of our wedding day. Julz choreographed a routine that highlighted each of our strengths, and worked within our respective comfort zones. On our wedding day, the dance was a huge hit– and we had so much fun with it! She is a true professional, and couldn’t be a nicer person. We recommend her with the highest level of enthusiasm!

Eugene and Sasha

Julie is simply the best! After taking a few lessons from other instructors and being less than satisfied, we finally found Julz! Julie was flexible, patient and choreographed an amazing dance to our song! We had an amazing experience and couldn’t be more thankful! Our family and friends were in awe of our wedding dance! Thank you Julz!

Yelena and Yuriy


Thank you Julz for making our wedding day that much more memorable. My husband and I both had crazy schedules and Julz would practice with us at 10pm. No matter how tired we all were; we had so much fun. She is so funny, cute, talented, sweet, creative, and over all so genuine that it was such a pleasure to have her as our choreographer. She really makes each dance special for each couple. Thank you for giving us a once in a lifetime experience. It was such a beautiful dance that reflected our love, which is exactly what we wanted. I miss our fun nights filled with so many laughs. (Libras!)… I would absolutely recommend Julie to any couple. Not only will she listen to what you want, make learning the steps fun, but you will have a stunning performance 🙂 Thank you Julz <3

Veronica and Igor

Hey girls I know a lot of people have questions about wedding dances/wedding entertainment….. Just wanted to share my experience with an amazing dancer/wedding dance instructor Julz Tamarkina!!! Aside from being a wonderful person, this girl is truly talented and I can’t say enough about how helpful, professional and accommodating she was! My now husband and I have crazy schedules so more than once we would have practice runs very late at night and Julie was incredible about accommodating our time frame. Our dance was beautiful, told a story and was tailored to our dance level and style. Not an ordinary wedding dance, it incorporated various style elements and was full of elegance and class =) Absolutely 100% would recommend Julie for any wedding/party/celebratory occasion!

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